Headstone Recordings

To date, the Graveyard Committee of North Wexford Historical Society, has recorded over 3,000 headstones in 14 graveyards/churchyards in North Wexford. We photograph, record in hard copy the transcriptions, type of stone, the maker and measurements, etc. At present the total amount available for viewing is over 200. We expect that the remainder will be “uploaded” within a reasonable time scale. There is also a Grid map containing co-ordinates. The grid map reference can be viewed on the left hand side of the particular headstone.

The search facility allows searching by Graveyard, by name, by address, date of death and maker. Please note that the first name on our search facility for any headstone is that of the first-named deceased on that headstone. In most cases,there are multiple burials in a particular plot. These are also recorded but are not ” searchable” in any initial search but will be found in the transcriptions. To read a brief history of a graveyard, go to headstone recordings, from the dropdown menu, select the relevant “graveyard” e.g. Inch. All of the recorded headstones should “pop-up”, click on the relevant graveyard in the middle of the columns. It should be in “blue”.

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