Graveyard: Kilnamanagh
Grid reference: J 6
GPS: -6.21477/52.31450
Name: Ben Sunderland
Address: The Grove Hollyfort
Date of death: 19/06/1979
Age: 75
Headstone stone maker: Doyle's Coolkenno.
Headstone dimenions: H 75cm, W 50cm, T 5cm
Type of stone used: Black Granite

In loving memory of Ben Sunderland The Grove, Hollyfort died 19th June 1979 aged 75 yrs.
William George Sunderland died 19th Oct. 1986 aged 84 yrs.
His brother Samuel Joseph Sunderland died 5th March 1996 aged 72 years.
We've no abiding city here.
Erected by William and Sam.