Graveyard: Inch
Grid reference: L 8
GPS: -6.235828557 52.74020676
Name: Robert Hughes
Address: none
Date of death: 19/04/1780
Age: 75
Headstone stone maker: Attributed to D. Cullen
Headstone dimenions: H 164cm, W 84cm, T 7cm
Type of stone used: Sandstone

Here lieth the bodies of Robert Hughes died 19th April 1780 agd. 82 yrs.
His wife Catharine died February 16th 1776 agd 75.
Also their son Humphry died June 25th 1770 agd. 36
Thomas April 21 st 1776 aged 35.
William Sept. 26th 1777 agd. 26 years.
Robert dep. Decem. 26th 1781 agd. 36 yrs.
Also Ann Hughes depd. Febr ye 18th 1785 agd. 60.
Catherine depd. March 6th 1762 agd. 34 years.