Graveyard: Kilmuckridge Church of Ireland
Grid reference: B 3
GPS: -6.292282969/ 52.50463314
Name: John & Elinor Dempsey
Address: none
Date of death: 7/02/81
Age: 80
Headstone stone maker: D. Cullen
Headstone dimenions: H 76cm, W 66cm, T 4cm
Type of stone used: Sandstone

Here are interred the parents of Revd. Mogue Dempsey vidz John & Elinor the former 7th Feb. 81 agd 80.
The lattr in March 76 agd 60.
Also his brothrs Tim and sister Cathrine one agd 18 ye other 23. Both in June & Aera 1764 & 5 his children.