Graveyard: Ardamine South
Grid reference: H 34
GPS: -6.231146021/ 52.63106217
Name: Catherine Bolger
Address: none
Date of death: 8/07/1937
Age: none
Headstone stone maker: Thos. New Arklow.
Headstone dimenions: H 198cm, W 60cm, T 26cm
Type of stone used: Limestone with Marble plaque inset

In loving memory of Catherine Bolger who died 8th July 1937.
Also her husband Michael Bolger who died 8th March 1919.
Their son David Bolger died 24th July 1954.
O sweet Jesus be not my Judge but my Saviour.
R I P.

In loving memory of a dear mother Peggy Bolger Courtown Harbour who died 28th Aug. 1985 aged 57 years.