Graveyard: Hollyfort
Grid reference: H 8
GPS: -6.354520933/ 52.71844118
Name: Annie Rickerby
Address: none
Date of death: 22/03/1921
Age: 26
Headstone stone maker: T.New Gorey.
Headstone dimenions: H 158cm, W 70cm, T 9cm
Type of stone used: White Marble

In loving memory Annie E. Rickerby died 22nd March 1921 aged 26 years.
Ralph Rickerby died 25th July 1921 aged 21 years.
Robert Rickerby died 16th June 1928 aged 30 yrs.
S.Q.M.S. James Rickerby killed in action at the battle of Dunkirk about 17th June 1940 aged 36 yrs.
Edward Arthur Rickerby died 24th Aug. 1944 aged 42 yrs.
Also their mother Emmie Amelia Rickerby died 19th Aug. 1946 aged 77 yrs.
Their sister Martha Sarah Alcock died 17th March 1962.
Those gone will never be forgotten and joyful,joyful will our meeting be.
Her brother John William Rickerby died 30th July 1976 aged 81 yrs. and his wife Lucinda Anne died 6th Nov. aged 79 yrs.
Safe in the arms of Jesus.