Graveyard: Craanford back [ New ]
Grid reference: F 3
GPS: -6.389562549/ 52.67963326
Name: Owen Sheehan
Address: Motabower
Date of death: 18/10/1950
Age: 61
Headstone stone maker: Murphy
Headstone dimenions: H 102cm, W 76cm, T 7cm
Type of stone used: White marble

In loving memory of Owen Sheehan Motabower who died 18th Oct. 1950 aged 61 yrs.
Also his mother Kate Sheehan who died 11th July 1919 aged 60 yrs.
His brother Michael Sheehan died 2nd May 1936 aged 49 yrs.
Also his wife Annie Sheehan died 19th Jan. 1968 aged 76 yrs.
R I P.