Graveyard: Craanford back [ New ]
Grid reference: E 3
GPS: -6.389619804/ 52.67966163
Name: William Sheehan
Address: Monbay
Date of death: 7/12/1929
Age: 76
Headstone stone maker: T.New Gorey.
Headstone dimenions: H 165cm, W 73cm, T 7cm
Type of stone used: Limestone

Erected to the memory of William Sheehan Monbay died 7th Dec. 1929 aged 76 yrs. and his sister Kate died 15th Aug. 1921 aged 69 yrs.
His nephew Patrick Hogan died 1st Feb. 1854 aged 87 yrs.
Annie Hogan beloved wife of the above Patrick died July 1974 aged 97 years.