Graveyard: Craanford back [ New ]
Grid reference: C 6
GPS: -6.389874382/ 52.67961422
Name: Joseph Francis Kennedy
Address: Middle Island
Date of death: 8/12/1914
Age: 20
Headstone stone maker: T.Travers
Headstone dimenions: H 247cm, W 63cm, T 30cm
Type of stone used: White marble

Erected by Daniel Kennedy Middle Island in memory of his son Joseph Francis Kennedy who died 8th Dec. 1914 aged 20 years.
Also the above Daniel Kennedy who died 13th Aug. 1919 aged 73 years.
Also his son Patrick died 28th Oct. 1919 aged 30 years.
Also his daughter Mary Anne who died 22nd Jan. 1923 aged 32 years.
His daughter Annie Mary Kavanagh died 21st March 1958 aged 75 years.
His daughter Margaret died 10th Dec. 1967 aged 87 years.
R I P.