Graveyard: Limbrick/Kilanerin
Grid reference: E 16
GPS: -6.29299427/ 52.73335429
Name: John Kavanagh
Address: Limbrick
Date of death: 12-03-1941
Age: 86
Headstone stone maker: T.New.
Headstone dimenions: H 160cm, W 63cm, T 7cm
Type of stone used: Limestone

In memory of John Kavanagh Limbrick died 12th March 1941 aged 86 yrs.
His wife Mary died 10th Feb. 1942 aged 74 yrs.
Also their children
Laurence died 7th Nov. 1918 aged 18.
Patrick died 8th Nov. 1918 aged 28.
Simon died 15th Nov. 1918 aged 25.
James died in USA 1st Aug. 1931 aged 42.
Anastasia died 7th March 1935 aged 36.
And other children died young.
John Kavanagh died 8th Jan. 1964 aged 77 yrs.
Aidan Kavanagh died 11th Feb. 1966 aged 66 yrs.
Daniel Kavanagh died 30th Jan. 1979 aged 72 yrs.