Graveyard: Kilmuckridge R C old.
Grid reference: C 2
GPS: -6.291735054/ 52.50450874
Name: Mary Kelly
Address: Killincooley
Date of death: 9/01/1917
Age: 74
Headstone stone maker: T. Travers Gorey.
Headstone dimenions: H 167cm, W 80cm, T 8cm
Type of stone used: White marble

Of your charity pray for the soul of Mary Kelly Killincooley who died 9th Jan., 1917 aged 74 years.
Also her husband Thomas Kelly died 24th Dec., 1920 aged 87 years.
And their grandchildren James Byrne died in infancy.
And Charles died 13th Sept., 1928 aged 7 years.
Catherine Byrne died 19th Feb., 1954 aged 71 years.
James Byrne died 3rd April 1962 aged 77 years.
R I P.