Graveyard: Limbrick/Kilanerin
Grid reference: J 12
GPS: -6.292740082 52.73360589
Name: Christina Kealy
Address: Kilanerin
Date of death: 27-10-1943
Age: 66
Headstone stone maker: none
Headstone dimenions: H 177cm, W 58cm, T 30cm
Type of stone used: Granite

Erected by Martin Kealy late teacher of Kilanerin school in memory of his beloved wife Christina Kealy NT who died 27th Oct. 1943 aged 66 yrs. Also their son Joseph died 20th May 1934 aged 17 yrs. Their son Thomas and their grandson Patrick Duffy died young.
Side. Martin Kealy ex NT died 4th July 1957 aged 86 yrs. His daughter Bernadette died 6th Feb.1959 aged 45 yrs..
Other side. Their son Gabriel died 5th Aug. 1949 aged 37 yrs. Joseph Duffy died 29 Aug. 1951 aged 8 mths.