Graveyard: Craanford back [ New ]
Grid reference: J 4
GPS: -6.389380673/ 52.67948483
Name: Cecelia Doyle
Address: Island
Date of death: 15/08/1934
Age: 83
Headstone stone maker: Murphy
Headstone dimenions: H 350cm, W 64cm, T 64cm
Type of stone used: Limestone with Marble plaque inset

Good lord Jesus give them eternal rest [ 300 days ] .
The soul of Cecelia Doyle Island who departed this life Aug. 15th 1934 aged 83 years. Also her beloved husband Michael Doyle who departed this life Dec. 3rd 1934 aged 82 years.
Their son James died 2nd April 1969 aged 83 yrs.
R I P.
His wife Jane Doyle died June 21st 1994 aged 97 years.
Also her daughter Sarah Doyle died 1st October 2010 aged 76 years.