Graveyard: Kilnamanagh
Grid reference: I 6
GPS: -6.21480/52.31450
Name: Benjamin Sunderland
Address: Greenvilla Hollyfort
Date of death: 6/07/1929
Age: 59
Headstone stone maker: J.O'Brien Gorey.
Headstone dimenions: H 99cm, W 69cm, T 8cm
Type of stone used: Black Granite

Erected by Tom Sunderland Greenvilla, Hollyfort in loving memory of his parents Benjamin Sunderland died 6th July 1929 aged 59 yrs.
Mary Jane Sunderland died 24th April 1946 aged 65 yrs.
His dearly beloved sister Martha Elizabeth died 18th Dec. 1941 aged 41 yrs.
His brother Chris died 8th April 1937 aged 30 yrs.
His sister Nann died 2nd Aug. 1964 aged 48 yrs.
Abide with me fast falls the even tide.