Graveyard: Riverchapel
Grid reference: F4
GPS: -6.235400712 / 52.64241152
Name: Charles Hobbs
Address: Glynn
Date of death: 29/08/1910
Age: 71 years
Headstone stone maker: O, Shea Kilkenny
Headstone dimenions: H 180cm, W 54cm, T 10cm
Type of stone used: Limestone
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Pray for the souls of Charles Hobbs Glynn who died 29th Dec 1910 aged 71 years
His Son John who died 8th August 1904 aged 22 yrs
His Brother Richard who died in New York 26th April 1876 aged 31 years.
On left hand side of Headstone
Also his Son Richard died Octb. 1922 aged 36yrs
His Wife Ellen Hobbs died Jan. 6th 1935 aged 76yrs
On right hand side of Headstone
His Parents Patrick and Anastasia