Graveyard: Kilmuckridge Church of Ireland
Grid reference: G 3
GPS: -6.291914966/ 52.50462782
Name: Thomas Kenny
Address: Glasscarrig
Date of death: 1/10/1871
Age: 80
Headstone stone maker: none
Headstone dimenions: H 156cm, W 100cm, T 10cm
Type of stone used: Limestone

Erected by Judith Carton of Glasscarrig in memory of her father Thomas Kenny who depd. 1st Oct. 1871 agd. 80 years.
Also her mother Bridget Kenny who died March 18th, 1866 aged 70 yrs.
Her brother John died 1846 aged 49 yrs.
Her brother Michael died 1842 aged 4 years.
Her brother James died 1852 aged 23 years.
Her brother Thomas died 6th May 1862 aged 33 years.
Her sister Margaret died 22nd May 1871 aged 45 yrs.
Her sister Catherine Brien died April 7th, 1876 aged 50 years.
The above Judith Carton died 4th Jan. 1904 aged 72 yrs.
Her husband Michael Carton died 26th Jan. 1904.