Graveyard: Monamolin old Catholic graveyard
Grid reference: C 3
GPS: -6.348467288/ 52.55696709
Name: Judeth Doyle
Address: Garrydannell
Date of death: 16/10/1830
Age: 66
Headstone stone maker: none
Headstone dimenions: H 238cm, W 122cm, T 12cm
Type of stone used: Limestone

Erected by John Doyle Garrydannell in memy. of his wife Judeth Doyle departed the 16th of Oct. 1830 aged 66 years.
Also the above John Doyle who departed this life the 21st December 1844 aged 82 years.
And also his daughter Catherine who depd. this life 8th of September 1845 aged 36 years.
And their son-in-law Thomas Hughes who departed this life 6th of Nov. 1855 aged 60 years.
Also his son Peter Doyle who died June 29th, 1859 aged 62 years.
Also his daughter Eleanor wife of the above Thomas Hughes who died 31st December 1861 aged 60 years.
Also his daughter Julia McDonald who died 4th Dec. 1864 aged 50 years.
Also his son John Doyle died Oct. 1870 aged 70 years.
Also the grandchildren of the above Thomas Hughes ---------, Michael Vincent Hughes & Peter Charles Hughes aged 6 months each and Thomas Raymond Hughes died 15th Oct. 1887 aged 19 yrs.
And William Laurence Hughes died 22nd Nov. 1888 aged 15 months.
Also John Joseph Hughes who died 26th Dec. 1896 aged 26 years.
Also their father Thomas Hughes who died 1st April 1916 aged 80 years.
& their mother Bridget Hughes died 8th Jan. 1938 aged 79 yrs.
Req. in pace amen.