Graveyard: Prospect
Grid reference: L 11
GPS: -6.221000357/ 52.67723888
Name: William Griffiths
Address: Fishguard
Date of death: 28/10/1827
Age: 35
Headstone stone maker: none
Headstone dimenions: H 120cm, W 76cm, T 4cm
Type of stone used: Sandstone

Here lie the remains of William Griffiths of Fishguard, Pembrokeshire S. Wales late master of the skooner Elizabeth of Milford who closed his earthly voyager with all the crew on the 28th of October 1827 aged 35 years.
From many storms and dangers the Lord deliver me.
The Neptune waves and boreas from all he set me free but at a rock which hear he took a very tender breath.

in high rough breaks of water
I've suffer pangs of death