Graveyard: Riverchapel
Grid reference: F1
GPS: -6.235422506 / 52.6425482
Name: Thomas Fortune
Address: Courtown Harbour
Date of death: 17/07/1898
Age: 55 years
Headstone stone maker: Travers Gorey
Headstone dimenions: H 156cm, W 63cm, T 8cm
Type of stone used: White marble
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Erected by his Wife and Children in memory of Thomas Fortune Courtown Harbour died 17th July 1898 aged 55 yrs.
His Daughter Maggie died 9th Nov 1885 aged 9.
Also his Son Willie who died 24th Oct 1894 aged 11 Months.
His beloved Wife Mary Fortune died 29th March 1930 aged 82 yrs.