Graveyard: Tubberneering
Grid reference: M 3
GPS: -6.345863722/ 52.62895356
Name: James Watkins
Address: Clough
Date of death: 3/08/1910
Age: 27
Headstone stone maker: J. O'Brien Gorey.
Headstone dimenions: H 91cm, W 61cm, T 8cm
Type of stone used: Granite

In loving memory of James Watkins Clough died 3rd Aug. 1910 aged 27 yrs.
His father James Watkins died 11th Nov. 1920 aged 74 yrs. and his mother Mary Jane Watkins died 2nd April 1932 aged 74 yrs.
Ellen Fitzsimons died 15th Dec. 1950 aged 72 yrs.
Henry Watkins died 17th Nov. 1951 aged 75 yrs.
Mary Jane Fitzsimons died 3rd Oct. 1958 aged 51 yrs.
William Fitzsimons died 9th Jan. 1982 aged 78 yrs.