Graveyard: Craanford back [ New ]
Grid reference: Q 3
GPS: -6.388933261/ 52.67932038
Name: Andrew Browne
Address: Clonamona
Date of death: 4/05/1957
Age: 84
Headstone stone maker: none
Headstone dimenions: H 76cm, W 61cm, T 5cm
Type of stone used: Black Granite

In loving memory of Andrew Browne Clonamona died 4th May 1957 aged 84 .
His brother John died 24th Dec. 1957 aged 80 and his son James died 30th March 1984 aged 69 and his daughter Mary [ Maisie ] died 23rd March 2006 aged 93 yrs.
R I P.