Graveyard: Castletown
Grid reference: F 12
GPS: -6.18826294 /52.72239565
Name: Nannie Kavanagh
Address: Blackrock Co.Dublin
Date of death: 3/11/1870
Age: 26
Headstone stone maker: Wade Berkeley St. Dublin
Headstone dimenions: H 387cm, W 84cm, T 60cm
Type of stone used: Limestone

Front. 1870.
This monument is erected by William Kavanagh Blackrock Co.Dublin in memory of his beloved wife Nannie Kavanagh who died after a short illness aged 26 years. She was a fond wife, an affectionate mother and the poor have lost a benevolent benefactor . Died Nov. 3rd.
Also his father William Kavanagh Monagarrow who died 20th Nov. 1876 aged 73 years.
Nora F Kavanagh wife of the late Robert P Kavanagh died 7th March 1961 aged 71yrs
Also their son Denis J Kavanaghwho died 10th January aged 86years
Right Hand side.
And also his daughter Hannah Mary who died 17th Dec. 1875 aged 32 years.
Also Robert P.Kavanagh Moneygarrow son of Denis Kavanagh died 29th Jan. 1942 aged 52 years.
Thy will be done .
Left hand side.
His brother Denis Kavanagh Upper Moneygarrow died 21st June 1908 aged 76 yrs.
Here safe from the storm and sorrows of life in the pride of her youth have I left a fond wife. It is sinful to mourn what God has ordained but in heaven I hope for to meet her again.