Graveyard: Kilnamanagh
Grid reference: G 5
GPS: -6.12494/52.31445
Name: Violet Harriot Walsh
Address: Ballyvaden
Date of death: 8/05/1937
Age: 20
Headstone stone maker: Murphy Gorey.
Headstone dimenions: H 149cm, W 71cm, T 80cm
Type of stone used: Limestone

In loving memory of Violet Harriot Walsh who departed this life 8th May 1937 aged 20 years.
Also her mother Dorcas Walsh who departed this life 25th Oct. 1938 aged 54 years.
Her father William Joseph Walsh died 21st Dec. 1961 aged 83 yrs.
Ernest George Walsh died in England 16th Aug. 1970 aged 51 yrs.
Alfred Walsh died 5th May 1983 aged 62 yrs.
James Edward Walsh died 30th June 1983 aged 69 yrs.
For ever with the lord.