Graveyard: Kilgorman
Grid reference: D 5
GPS: -6.176812335 / 52.70941712
Name: Jane Hall
Address: Arklow
Date of death: 4/11/1886
Age: 15
Headstone stone maker: Travers Gorey
Headstone dimenions: H 137cm, W 70cm, T 9cm
Type of stone used: White marble

Erected by Daniel Hall of Arklow in memory of his daughter Jane died 4th Nov. 1886 aged 15 years.
His daughter Susanna died 24th Oct. 1891 aged 16 years.
His son George Thomas died 25th Nov. 1892 aged 12 years.
His daughter Mary Anne died 15th July 1895 aged 25 years.
His wife Elizabeth Jane Hall died 16th March 1896 aged 47 years.
His daughter Elizabeth died 24th June 1897 aged 20 years.
Susan Jane Hall died 7th May 1897 aged 7.
Job Hall died 22 Feb 1902 aged 29 years.
Daniel Hall died 7th May 1918 aged 78 years.
Thy will be done.