Graveyard: Askamore new [Across road]
Grid reference: C 10
GPS: -6.479420035/ 52.67280253
Name: Mary Bates
Address: Munny
Date of death: 26/01/1936
Age: 72
Headstone stone maker: Murphy Gorey.
Headstone dimenions: H 152cm, W 71cm, T 6cm
Type of stone used: White marble

In loving memory of Mary Bates Munny who died 26th Jan. 1936 aged 72 yrs.
Her husband John Bates died 19th July 1941 aged 75 yrs.
Also their sons Thomas died 24th Feb. 1941 aged 46 yrs.
Patrick died 14th Nov. 1965 aged 68 yrs.
Jane Wyse died 27th May 1954 aged 86 yrs.
Mary Bates died 17th Feb. 1973 aged 85 yrs.
Marcella Bates died 4th May 1975 aged 76 yrs.
R I P.