Graveyard: Camolin Church of Ireland
Grid reference: D 11
GPS: -6.426031619 52.61645635
Name: Emily Jane Browne
Address: Camolin
Date of death: 10/05/1859
Age: 15
Headstone stone maker: none
Headstone dimenions: H 159cm, W 68cm, T 18cm
Type of stone used: Granite with White Marble plaque

Beneath awaiting the resurrection morn repose the remains of Emily Jane Browne the beloved daughter of the Revd. H.W. Browne The rectory, Camolin who fell asleep in Jesus 10th of May 1859 aged 15 years.
1 Thessns. IV. 13-17. Comfort one another with these words .
Come lord Jesus come quickly. Revon. XXII. 20.