Graveyard: Askamore old [Beside church ]
Grid reference: B 3
GPS: -6.479524729/ 52.67228096
Name: Mary Deegan
Address: Brideswell
Date of death: 9/06/1921
Age: 64
Headstone stone maker: Doyle Bunclody.
Headstone dimenions: H 197cm, W 74cm, T 8cm
Type of stone used: Limestone

Erected by James Deegan Brideswell in loving memory of his wife Mary Deegan died June 9th 1921 aged 64 years.
Also his son Joseph Deegan died Nov. 3rd 1918 aged 27 years.
Also his son Michael Deegan died Sep. 24th 1929 aged 34 years and his aunt Elizabeth O'Neill died Jan. 6th 1900 aged 76 years and her husband Michael O'Neill died Jan. 1st 1867 aged 77 years and James O'Neill died March 1st 1878 aged 78 years.
Also the above James Deegan died May 2nd 1939 aged 84 years.
R I P.