Graveyard: Monaseed
Grid reference: A 9
GPS: -6.399813164/ 52.71055392
Name: Elizabeth Maher
Address: Ballylusk
Date of death: 4/02/1921
Age: 72
Headstone stone maker: none
Headstone dimenions: H 92cm, W 69cm, T 8cm
Type of stone used: Black Granite

In loving memory of Elizabeth Maher, Ballylusk who died 4th Feb. 1921 aged 72 years.
Her daughters Bridget who died 12th March 1905 aged 26 years and Mary Maher who died 7th Dec. 1908 aged 36 years.
Her sons Denis died 10th Nov. 1918 aged 41 years , Patrick who died 10th April 1935 aged 52 years, James who died 12th Feb. 1962 aged 83 years.
R I P.