Graveyard: Askamore new [Across road]
Grid reference: D 5
GPS: -6.479741483/ 52.67268307
Name: Katie Kehoe
Address: Ballyellis
Date of death: 1933
Age: 54
Headstone stone maker: Doyle Bunclody
Headstone dimenions: H 180cm, W 80cm, T 7cm
Type of stone used: White marble

Erected by Edward Doran Askamore in loving memory of his sister Katie Kehoe Ballyellis died Jan. 17th 1933 aged 54 years.
Also his brother James Doran died June 6th 1946 aged 60 years and his wife Katie Doran died June 21st 1963 aged 70 years.
Also the above Edward Doran died Jan. 30th 1973 aged 79 years.
On whose soul sweet Jesus have mercy.
R I P.