Graveyard: Camolin Church of Ireland
Grid reference: H 7
GPS: -6.426146453/52.61620208
Name: John Hunter Roe
Address: Ballinclare
Date of death: 3/01/1801
Age: 39
Headstone stone maker: none
Headstone dimenions: H 244cm, W 120cm, T 12cm
Type of stone used: Limestone

Erected by Peter Roe of Ballinclare in memory of his father John Hunter Roe Esqr. who departed this life 3rd January 1801 aged 39 years.
And Mrs Ellenor Roe his mother who departed this life 13th January 1837 aged 61 years.
And Mrs Emely Sophia Roe my beloved wife who departed this life the 8th February 1873 aged 72 years.

See other John Hunter Roe both slabs are of the same man the one underneath has him dying in August rather than January.