Graveyard: Askamore old [Beside church ]
Grid reference: B 7
GPS: -6.479382281/52.67212346
Name: Laurence Lamb
Address: Moatybower
Date of death: 12/05/1858
Age: 76
Headstone stone maker: Travers
Headstone dimenions: H 175cm, W 84cm, T 11cm
Type of stone used: Limestone

Erected by Patrick Lamb Moatybower in memory of his father Laurence Lamb died 12th May 1858 aged 76 yrs.
Also his mother Anne died 9th Aug. 1875 aged 84 yrs.
His son Laurence died 8th June 1870.
His daughter Anne died 9th Sep. 1976 aged 5 yrs.
Also his daughter Lizzie died 22nd March 1920 aged 36 yrs.
The above Patrick Lamb died July 29th 1885 aged 72 yrs.
Also his wife Elizabeth Lamb died 17th Janr. 1906 aged 66 yrs.
His brother Terence Lamb died 1st Sept. 1899 aged 90 yrs.
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