Graveyard: Camolin Church of Ireland
Grid reference: E 10
GPS: -6.426060336/ 52.61639255
Name: Robert George Roark
Address: Camolin
Date of death: 26/10/1983
Age: 73
Headstone stone maker: none
Headstone dimenions: H 76cm, W 91cm, T 8cm
Type of stone used: Granite

In loving memory of Robert George [ Bob ] Roark The Mill house , Camolin died 26th October 1983 aged 73 years.
Also his son Robin Charles John Roark died 27th May 1990 aged 34 years.
Also Hilda Switzer [ nee ] Warren wife of Bob. & mother of Robin died 15th June 1997 aged 82 years.
The lord is my shepherd.