Graveyard: Camolin Roman Catholic
Grid reference: J 15
GPS: -6.423994495/ 52.61768271
Name: Margaret O'Connor
Address: Camolin
Date of death: 4/03/1884
Age: 65
Headstone stone maker: M. Travers
Headstone dimenions: H 175cm, W 75cm, T 10cm
Type of stone used: Limestone

Erected by Thomas O'Connor of Camolin in memory of his wife Margaret O'Connor who died 4th March 1884 aged 65 years.
Also the above Thomas O'Connor who died 9th Oct. 1900 aged 88 years.
Also his daughter Sarah Kinsella who died 16th Jan. 1901 aged 41 years.
Also his grand daughter Lilie O'Connor died 11th June 1916 aged 20 years.
Also his daughter-in-law Cecelia O'Connor who died 6th Dec. 1920 aged 57 years.
The above son Charles O'Connor died 24th Oct. 1926 aged 70 yrs.
R I P.
Back of headstone.
Her daughter Mary Anne Doyle died Dec. 31st 1933 .
Mary Walshe [ nee O'Connor ] died 14th Sept. 1987 aged 86 years.
Margaret [ Con ] O'Connor eldest daughter of Charles & Cecelia O'Connor died 19th August 1989 aged 94 years.