Graveyard: Askamore old [Beside church ]
Grid reference: B 3
GPS: -6.479524729/ 52.67228096
Name: Mary Byrne
Address: Ballyconran
Date of death: 30/12/1839
Age: 77
Headstone stone maker: none
Headstone dimenions: H 140cm, W 98cm, T 9cm
Type of stone used: Sandstone

Erected by Michl. Byrne in memory of his mother Mary Byrne late of Ballyconran who depd. this life 30th Decbr. 1839 aged 77 years.
Also the above Michael Byrne who died June 20th 1877 aged 87 yrs.
Also his brother Richard who died Feb. 11th 1880 aged 81 yrs.