Graveyard: Toome
Grid reference: G 7
GPS: -6.394485131/ 52.6296145
Name: Daniel Carting
Address: Ballincur
Date of death: 27/10/1828
Age: 78
Headstone stone maker: Pat. Byrne
Headstone dimenions: H 125cm, W 90cm, T 7cm
Type of stone used: Limestone

Life is ever on the wing,
Death is ever nigh,
The moment when our life begin,
We all begin to die.
Erectd. by Wm. Carting of Ballincur in memory of his father Daniel Carting who died Oct. 27th 1828 agd. 78 yrs.
Also his mother Mary Carting died Nov. 30th 1827 agd. 79 yrs.
Also his brother James Carting died Nov. 17th 1827 aged 48 yrs.
Also the above named Wm. Carton who died Jany. 11th 1862 agd. 81 yrs.